EuroMed Observatory

The International Center of Documentation, Research and Information

is a transnational and permanent observatory of environmental, urban, cultural and socio economic issues in the partner territories.

The international Centre of Documentation, Research and Information is an “EuroMed Observatory” that implements the developer “4th generation” methodological approach patented by the University of Tor Vergata to making strategic policy/programme plans applying Environmental Strategic Asessment (ESA) and Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA) at the regional and local bottom-up levels, using GIS (called STeMa: Sustainable Territorial Management Approach).

EuroMed Observatory implements the objectives described below :

EuroMed Monitoring


The main activities of the EuroMed Observatory will be monitoring and preserve the heritage and the territorial resources.
This informations of the Observatory will be integrated with the outputs of the Valencia University ( Pro-Eco Model) and Tor Vergata University of Rome (STeMA Application Model).
EuroMed development


It could also permit the project to integrate and use these differences cohesively the project to integrate and use these differences cohesively and sustainably, maintaining and developing competitive potentials and updating new methods, tools and praxis in order to make a territorial policy a common good for the whole Euromediterranean Space.
EuroMed dissemination


The Observatory will allows the partnership to partecipate in the Euromediterranean space and territory, in all their territorial, socioeconomic, environmental and cultural differences implementing the dissemination, sensitisation and exploitation of the
project results.