Scientific Board

The Scientfic Board is made up of 2 Universities which have a technical role inside the project.
The components have realized propaedeutical studies for a strategic planning and for the Unesco programme in this way the territories taking part in the project may develop planning proposals with appropriate methodological approach

Prof.ssa Maria Prezioso

Full Professor of Economic Geography and Economics and Territorial Planning

Univeristy of Tor Vergata

University of Valencia

Prof. Dr. Ms. Amparo Cervera

Full Professor in Marketing
SIV (service-innovation-value) group director

Ing. Angela D’Orazio

Research Fellow in Economic Geography
Support to the Project Development

Dott.ssa Maria Coronato

PhD and reserach fellowship in Economic geography
Project Support to Mapping

Dr. Ms. Amparo Sancho

Associate Professor in Economic Analysis

Dr. Gregorio Garcia

Associate Professor in Economic Analysis

Dott. Matteo Rollo

Reserach fellowship in Economic geography
Touristic Management Plan and Guidelines mapping

Dott. Federico Zarfati

Computing expert
STeMA application and STeMA NewCiMed Guidelines;
Touristic Management Plan and Guidelines; Mapping

Dr. Ms. Walesska Schlesinger

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr. Ms. Carmen Perez-Cabañero

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Dott. Leonardo Ascione

Computing expert
STeMA application development and Mapping

Dott. Francesco Iberite

Compiuting expert
STeMA application development and Mapping

Dr. Ms. Ma José Miquel

Associate Professor in Marketing

Dr. Ms. Silvia Sanz

Associate Professor in Marketing

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