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EuroMed Observatory
One of NewCiMed project Expected result is

A fourth-generation strategic plan that, through an innovative methodology for sustainable land management will transfer to similar euro-mediterranean areas a model of government involved and subsidiary of Regions and the New Towns, close to the principle of equality and non discrimination, extrapolating the risk factors that damage the development and identifying strategies to ensure the development and strengthening of local identities

The methodology for sustainable land management is

STeMA : Sustainable Territorial economic / environmental Management Approach

Read the STeMA page to learn more about it
STeMA Model Application
You can obtain an articulated and complex interpretation of the territory through this methodology

Environmental Frameworks

Read Environmental Frameworks page
Environmental frameworks
To allows the insertion of the territories inside a global framework to obtain, through a series of indicators, a hypothetical ideal situation

Pro Eco Analysis

Discover the model
ProEco Model
The results of applying the methods of analysis and are visible in the section Pilot Areas
Methodologies and Analysis to design a strategic plan as required

Tourism Management Plan

The Tourism Management Plan is drawn according to a uniform methodology (STeMA), shared and coordinated.
Tourism Plan

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