a methodology
of analysis

it allows the insertion of the territories inside a global framework to obtain,
through a series of indicators,
a hypothetical ideal situation
to be used as reference for the territories
– the benchmarking

ProEco Model
Under the NewCimed Project framework, the University of Valencia has developed PROECO analysis in order to analyse and diagnose the state-of-the-art of the partners regarding competitive and sustainable Tourism development on the basis of market research.
Both objective and perception indicators were obtained regarding the main stakeholders involved: local administration, residents, local experts and tourists in the different municipalities included in the project.
The aim of Pro Eco Model, in a micro and experimental way, is to answer the question:

“Is the satisfaction of both the local community and tourists important for the municipality’s sustainable development?”


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With this aim the descriptive study will be associated with the construction of models based on the differences between statistical results, thus finding “causal statistical differences” to further establish a classification of the territories, giving priority to those obtaining a better position in the analysis.

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Analysis results