Under the NewCimed Project, PROECO analysis has been performed along seven municipalities: Cullera (Spain), Oristano, Latina and Ustica (Italy), Maamoura (Tunisia), Tafilah (Jordan) and Tyre (Lebanon)

This model has been applied in the municipalities of the NewCimed project along the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea Basin: Al Tafila, Cullera, Latina, Maamoura, Oristano, Tyre and Ustica

For each of the municipalities, a sample of 200 surveys to be done on residents, 200 for tourists, 25 surveys for local experts and 15 for local government officials were requested. These surveys mainly used Likert-type 1 to 5 scales (from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”) and dichotomous-type (yes / no) questions.
The number of questionnaires received from each partner for all stakeholders are contained in Table 1. As may be noted in the table, most of the partners have gathered the required information.

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