Environmental Frameworks

The environmental framework is made up of all the elements composing the environment logical structure, it expresses an articulated and complex interpretation of the territory “current condition,” using the territorial sensitivity indicator resulted by the overlay mapping of vulnerability (macro-areas) and criticality (micro-elements).

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Urban and Rural System

Settlement Urban and Rural System considers human activities but is more focused on agricultural areas, their opportunities in terms of farming potential. The rural territory, intended as a finite resource, has been classified using Corine Land Cover classification of soil use classes according to its fertility.


Natural System

A natural system relies on the territorial assessment provided by Spatial Typologies of Settlement (STS) used also for settlement system inverting its value scale: what is important for the settlement system is insignificant for the natural one, because where human presence is strong natural elements are scarce.


Landscape System

The study of the Landscape system ,continuously changing according to the process of modification of territory, could not be tackled without analyzing the area of competence. Considered as a product of the interrelationship beetween man and environment, it becomes of particular interest for the society that inhabit it.

Micro-areas are represented using small polygons.

Single areas express criticality value that stands for their “health conditions”. In short, by vulnerability we mean the possibility of a certain territory to hold the pressure applied from the outside over a macro system whose possible reactions remain unknown; criticality stands for values and effects suggested by behaviour of each single indicator (micro vision).

Macro-areas intrinsically refer,

through the vulnerability elements composing them, to the risk involved by the process simulating the potential effects that could be originated by complete or partial plan realisation.

Ex ante framework is the concrete representation of these indicators for every analyzed system through a large number of GIS “maps” and horizontal and vertical comments with regard to the representation of the indicator, the category, the sector, the typology and, at last, the determinant.